Are you on Santa’s Naughty list?

The Astounding Outpost is proud to present our first line, ever, of Christmas t-shirts: Gangsters of Christmas and Krampus is Coming to Town. Read More

What’s Going to Happen

She was the kind of cute that became really, really hot when you were around it for long enough. For me it took like…a half hour or so. Not sure how long it took everyone else. Hat was skeptical. So was I, but I mean…that didn’t mean I didn’t want her on the team or […] Read More

Betty and the Demon

The Irish born Father Donahey has retired from many years of service as a Catholic priest in South American countries to Winterset, Iowa. It’s not to be the life of books and long rural walks that he expects. The community and the surrounding area are awash with supernatural creatures. Some are friendly, some not, but […] Read More

The Shadow

The Shadow The Ghost Of Caleb Mackenzie

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadClassic Pulp Fiction had many forms over the years from novels like Tarzan to pulp magazines like Weird Tales, to radio shows, like the Shadow. In the internet age, you can find almost anything pulp, if you know where to look. We’re saving you some of the headaches by […] Read More

Call Girl

It was dark in the room when Miller woke up. The darkness didn’t necessarily imply it was night time. Miller generally kept the room dark, it was a hangover from his days as a deep spacer. The darkness simply made it easier to transition from waking into working. “Time?” Miller muttered. “The local time is […] Read More

Hellbound Express; Chapter 3

For your reading pleasure, here is the third installment of Mel Odom’s Hellbound Express. If you haven’t yet read the first two chapters, here (chapter 1 and chapter 2) are the links for them. Enjoy. Hellbound Express; Chapter 3 Wickham and the rest of Gant’s salvage crew moved around the vehicles strapped into place on […] Read More

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