Rocky Beginnings

Rocky Beginnings by Brittany Ellis The room Mina Black stood in was dark. She assumed the people commissioning her next job didn’t want her to recognize them. That, or they thought it gave them an air of mystery. Either way, they would be disappointed to know she had better-than-average sight. Though if she kept standing […] Read More

Ghouls, Ghost, and Grave Robbers Winners.

CONGRATULATIONS  to the winners of Ghouls, Ghost, and Grave Robbers. First place The Barrow-Wright. Second place Mine Shaft to Hell. Third place Wedding Night Editor’s choic The Dive.   Read More

Ghouls, Ghosts, and Grave Robbers Story- results

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Fan Voting is Closed.

Once again the editors are in a death battle for editors’ choice. We will post results tomorrow. Swords, Socery, and Subway Cars will begin its run on the  Astounding Outpost Wednesday. Read More

Last Day for Fan Voting

Remember to vote for your favorite Ghouls, Ghosts, and Grave Robbers story today You must vote i the poll not just comment in the comments section. Read More

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