Astounding Halloween The Sealed Book : Murderer Unknown

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To celebrate Halloween The Astounding Outpost presents The Sealed Book a classic radio series of mystery and terror tales.
It was and directed by Jock MacGregor for the Mutual network. Between March 18 and September 9, 1945, the melodramatic anthology series was broadcast on Sundays from 10:30 pm to 11:00 pm.
Each week, after “the sound of the great gong,” host Philip Clarke observed that the mysteriously silent “keeper of the book has opened the ponderous door to the secret vault wherein is kept the great sealed book, in which is recorded all the secrets and mysteries of mankind through the ages, Here are tales of every kind, tales of murder, of madness, of dark deeds strange and terrible beyond all belief.”

This episode collector of the macabre artifacts of famous murders and murderers decides he needs two things to make his collection complete

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