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Is Horror Dead?

The Guardian ran a very interesting editorial asking if horror was dead? I’m of two minds. Our world is so ripe with things that should scare the hell out of us, even more if you watch Fox news. So there should be lots of good horror oozing its way up from the collective unconscious. The […] Read More

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A little Shatner to start your day.

A little Shantner to start your day. Read More


Send us Your Zombie Stories

Give us your poor, your tired, your flesh eating masses. Zombies are everywhere, and we love them all. Whether they’re Romero flesh eaters, Keene’s demon skins, voodoo zombies , or techno zombies; we are want your stories. Send us your best 4000 word or less story. Submission is open until September 28th. The stories chosen […] Read More

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What Have We Become?

We are seriously fucking doomed. This was a network talk show back in the 60’s. No paternity tests or chair throws just genius talk. No wonder there aren’t flying cars in 2017 we’ve become to fucking stupid to even make intelligent TV let alone anything else.       Read More