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Astounding Publications

Welcome to the second golden age of pulp fiction. At the Astounding Outpost we love pulp fiction and we love new writers, because of that we are establishing the Astounding Outpost presents series.

Every month we will publish a themed anthology on Amazon Kindle, and in paperback,  but before we publish the Anthology we will air the stories right here on the Astounding OutPost

What kind of stories are we looking for? Every month the themed call with tell you the topic, so check back for details. Outside of the changing topic here are the general guideline,

We want short stories running 7500 words or less. We want well written plot driven stories, both new, and reprints are welcome. We aren’t trying to create high art, not that there’s anything wrong with that, we are trying to create pulp, like Tarzan, or Conan, or John Carter. Fun stories readers can escape into. While the Golden age of pulp was male dominated, your stories and the second Golden age don’t have to be. We will consider any gender, race, class, creed, on equal footing.

How will this work?
We will publish a themed call at the first of the month and for the next twenty-eight days we will accept submissions based on the theme. The first of the following month we will start airing the stories in the Astounding stories section of the website.

Why should you submit to us? First you get a publication credit if selected, every story selected will be published on the Astounding Outpost. Second you will have a chance to win cash and treasure every month. Every month the readers will vote on their favorite stories and the top three will win a prize. With each call there will be different prizes awarded.

How will they vote? What if my story is aired last? How will I get a fair vote?

Voting will take place on the Astounding Outpost web page, starting the first of the month after the stories have aired. We will keep the voting open for seven days. The stories will be free to read on the web site.

I don’t have a rabid social media following, so how can I win? Don’t worry the editors will pick one story each month as the editor’s choice. That writer will also win a prize.

What happens if the editor’s choice wins another prize? Then justice was served and the best story was picked by both fans and editors.

Hey, wait a minute aren’t you selling the anthology? Yes, yes we are and we are sharing the profits fairly with the authors in each anthology. If we select your story, you give us exclusive worldwide rights for a year. That means for one year only we get to publish your story. In exchange, for that year, we will split the profits from the anthology with the writers.

The authors will receive sixty percent of the profits and the Astounding Outpost will receive forty. We will pay authors monthly for the first year. After that time the stories are yours to publish where you like.

If you know the current call and are ready to submit email your story to put the current call in the subject line.

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