Count Down to Halloween Nosferatu : A Symphony of Horror

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Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror was an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.  Bram Stoker’s widow sued and all copies of the film were ordered destroyed but a few copies managed to survive. The film is not only the oldest vampire movie in existence but also gave birth to the idea of vampires being killed by sunlight.  In Bram Stoker’s novel as in lore, Vampires were not killed in sunlight.  The title Nosferatu was believed to be the Romanian word for Vampire due to a couple of 19th-century articles. The word is a mistranscription of Nesuferitul the repugnant one and Necuratul the unclean. The best etymology states it is possibly from the Greek nosophoros or disease bringer and I beleive is used for the devil . The Romanian word for Vampire is Strigoii

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